Doppler effect ˈdɒplərɪfɛkt/
    1    an increase (or decrease) in the frequency of sound, light, or other waves as the source and observer move towards (or away from) each other.


An experiment for actor, instruments & lights
Devised by the ensemble 2017
OCT 17, Lyric Theatre Belfast

THE DOPPLER EFFECT, Lyric Theatre, Belfast

THE DOPPLER EFFECT, Lyric Theatre, Belfast

Performed by Francis Mezza | Reciter Abigail McGibbon | Clarinet Kevin Lawless | Viola Aoife Magee | 'Cello Dave McCann | Director Conor Mitchell | Video artist Gavin Peden | Lighting designer Simon Bird | Sound designer Ian Venard | Assistant director Matthew Cavan

Fresh after the success of their visually stunning HABSBURG TRAGEDIES, The Belfast Ensemble premiere their new work - THE DOPPLER EFFECT. Taking as its source material twenty years of ‘The Good Friday Agreement’ and how we perceive it from a distance, this company merges concert, stage play and visual art to bring you a true theatre original. 

Part installation, part underground junk concert, this intense IMMERSIVE show presents the best of what's new in music theatre, fresh ideas and world class artists. If you want to see something unlike anything else this season, see this. 

Promotional video of 'The Doppler Effect'


The Doppler Effect is genre-busting: music theatre accompanied by dance, some narrative and some of the best visuals I’ve seen in a theatre. The genius of The Belfast Ensemble is that together the artists produce high quality, imaginative work that is riddled with enough layers of meaning that you are left wanting to hit rewind and go back to the beginning to breathe it all in again. (